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How to Make Impressive Corner Wrapping Shelves

How to Make Impressive Corner Wrapping Shelves

The best DIYs are the ones that make your guests say “Wow, you made that?” It’s even better when the DIYs are quick, easy and inexpensive. If you’re looking for an impressive project to show off, these corner wrapping floating shelves are for you. We recently shared a great idea for building your own floating shelves, and now you can modify that method to create these wrapping shelves. Here’s a fresh how-to to create these unique shelves to impress your guests while putting a little more know-how in your toolbox.

What You’ll Need

  • A Saw (a table saw is best but a circular saw will do)
  • Stud Finder
  • Drill
  • 3” wood screws
  • T-Bevel
  • T-Square
  • Level
  • Birch plywood in 3/4”
  • Two 2x4s
  • Stain and sealer
  • Brushes
  • Wood Glue

Step 1: Cut and Install Your Mounts

These shelves will be mounted onto 2x4s. Cut the 2x4s to the length you want your shelves to be on either side of the wall. Use the stud finder to locate the wall studs, mark these spots, and then screw the cut 2x4s into the wall in these places. Be sure to use a level to check the 2x4s before securing them to the wall. If the mounts are not level, your shelves won’t be level either. You do not need to stain the 2x4s as they will be covered by the plywood.

Step 2: Cut and Stain Your Plywood

You will need to cut three pieces of plywood to cover each mount. Two pieces will make up the top and bottom of your shelves. You can cut these pieces to the depth of your choosing, but keep in mind that the deeper the shelf, the less strong it will be, so don’t make them too deep. The third piece will be the front of your shelf, completing the box and concealing the 2x4. These pieces must be at least as thick as the width of your 2x4, but can be thicker if you like. However, this will mean your shelves will only be secured to their mounts from the top, not the top and bottom, again making them less sturdy.

Since these are corner wrapping shelves, you will need to create mitered cuts on your boards to create a seamless connection where the shelves meet at the corner. The connecting edges of all the boards will be made at a 45-degree angle to meet with its complementary board mounted on the other wall. Additionally, you will make 45-degree angle miter cuts on the edge of each board so each shelf fits together seamlessly and does not show the plywood make-up of your birch. Table saws are best for making mitered cuts, but if measured and marked carefully, this can be done with a circular saw. Once all the boards are cut, fit them together to ensure they fit snuggly.

Once all of the plywood is cut, stain and seal the boards according to the manufacturer's instructions on your stain. Let the boards dry completely before attaching them to the mounts.

Step 3: Install Your Shelves.

Create the shelves first on your workspace, putting together the three sides with glue and securing them with broad nails. Completed, these will look like boxes with one side missing, or like a square U-shape. Once your shelves are together, glue them to your mounts by applying the glue first then sliding on your shelves, and secure them with brad nails. Do the same for your second shelves, ensuring the two meet correctly at the corner before securing it. Fill any holes from the nail or gaps in your mitered corners with wood filler.

Once you know these basic steps, you can take this know-how to create all kinds of corner shelves for your home. While these are designed to fit outside of a corner, the same steps can be followed to create shelves that fit inside of a corner. You can also opt to paint your shelves rather than stain, or use a different type of wood for a unique look all your own.

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