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RTM Homes

RTM - Ready-to-Move Homes

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Wood Country RTM Homes Redwood

Your dream home in your dream location

In many areas of the country it is becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled contractors and trades people to work outside of their urban area due to ever increasing fuel and labour costs. The cost of an RTM home may be more affordable than building a home on site because it is manufactured completely on the builder's site, close to needed materials and resources, and then moved by truck to the location of your choice. 

The advanced processes and materials used in RTM Home manufacturing today allows complete customization of your home. You can choose the floor plan and layout, colours, fixtures, finishing and more. Do you want a main floor laundry and an ensuite bathroom? Maybe you want each child to have their own room and the kitchen in the back of the house so you can watch them playing in the backyard. A gas fireplace in the family room would be a great place to cozy up to on cool nights. All of these options and more are available for you to choose.

Wood County provides you with unparalleled quality and value regardless of your location. If you are considering a manufactured RTM home, our staff will provide you one-on-one personalized service to help turn your dream home into a reality.

Please contact us. We truly look forward to speaking with you about your ideas and the dreams you have for your home.

Home Building Packages

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, we offer terrific do-it-yourself home building packages. A package home is similar to RTM - Ready-to-Move-Homes in that all factors and materials are included so you don't have to worry about them, but it also gives you the flexibility to construct your own home on site rather than having it moved onto the site fully constructed.

Custom Homes

See our Custom Homes photo gallery.

Let's get started today...

Whatever type of home you are considering, the experienced staff at Wood Country would love to talk to you and assist in making your dream home a reality.

To view RTM Standard Specs - click here and our Frequently Asked Questions - click here.

Greenwood Floor PlanTo view our RTM/Prebuilt Floor Plans - click here to see:  
Ashwood, Cedarwood, Redwood and Sprucewood.

For more information call, stop in or Request a Quote.

RTM - Ready-To-Move Homes are also often referred to as Manufactured Homes, Prebuilt Homes, Manufactured Housing, Prefab Homes, RTM Housing and Prefabricated Home Kits.

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