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In many areas of the country, it is becoming difficult to find skilled contractors and tradespeople to work outside of their urban area due to increasing fuel and labour costs. The cost of an RTM home may be more affordable than building a home onsite because it is manufactured completely on the builder's site, close to needed materials and resources. It is then moved by truck to the location of your choice, anywhere in North America.

The advanced processes and materials used in RTM Home manufacturing today allow complete customization of your home. You can choose the floor plan and layout, colours, fixtures, finishing and more. Do you want a main floor laundry and an ensuite bathroom? Maybe you want each child to have their own room and the kitchen in the back of the house so you can watch them playing in the backyard. A gas fireplace in the family room would be a great place to cozy up to on cool nights. All of these options and more are available for you to choose.

Wood Country Building Services provides you with unparalleled quality and value regardless of your location. If you are considering a manufactured RTM home, our staff will provide one-on-one personalized service to help turn your dream home into a reality.

Contact us to get started or fill in a quote form. We look forward to speaking with you about your ideas and the dreams you have for your RTM home. We can even use our 3D Design Service to help you see your vision come to life. You can also check out our RTM Home Standard specifications

View our photo gallery below to see our recent RTMs being built, ready to move and on-site. Click a photo and use < > to scroll.

RTM Floor Plans


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What Is The Cost Of A House?  

There are many factors that control costs. Houses come in all different shapes and sizes, so the design and size of the house can greatly influence the cost of a house. There is another variable that determines housing cost, and that is choice of building materials. There are a variety of different materials that can be used. Also there are different qualities within those choices. To make it easier, try to determine exactly what you want before getting your house priced. Get advice from one of our experts and educate yourself on the products you'd like to use in your house.


How Do I Get Started?  

First, think about a plan that suits your needs. You can consider your existing dwelling to get a frame of reference, and look at approximate room sizes and number of rooms, lot and location of the home. Talk to our friendly staff about plans that fit within your budget. Allow ample time for process of planning. The next step would be to get a quote, estimate, or a materials take-off from your building plan. We'll walk you through the process.


How Much Time Does It Take To Build?  

Once you've completed the planning process, and we start digging, allow six to eight months for a build on-site and four to five months for a Ready To Move (RTM) home. This is assuming it is being built during prime building months and materials you select are in stock. A more accurate timeline will be provided as part of the planning and estimating process.


What Products Should I Use?  

There are so many new and different choices to make when it comes to products and designs. For home exteriors, what types of siding, roofing, windows, doors (entrance, garage and patio). For home interiors, what designs, colours and quality of flooring, interior doors, kitchen & bath, moulding and trim. All come with different. Consider the money you spend now on quality should mean money savings in the long run (e.g. more energy-efficient windows, increased insulation, etc.).


How Do I Compare Your Quote Against Other Companies?  

Take time to learn about everything that is included in your quote. Often when you simply base your decision on the bottom line, you find you have up-charges and surprizes throughout your project. Avoid surprizes and be sure you get a comprehensive professional quote from an experienced company with a good reputation.


How Do I Select A Home Builder?  

When choosing a custom or RTM home builder, talk to us for professional advice. Be sure your home will has a new home warranty backed by the Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan from a member in good standing. We've bee If it's a supply and install, check out our reputation.


Home Building Packages

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, we offer do-it-yourself home building packages. A package home is similar to RTM (Ready-to-Move) Homes in that all factors and materials are included, but gives you the flexibility to construct your own home onsite rather than having it moved onto the site fully constructed.

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