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Windows & Doors

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New windows not only add style and comfort to a home, but they’re also engineered to be energy efficient and long-lasting. Whether you're building new or renovating an older home, windows play an important role. By updating windows, there is enhanced curb appeal and security for a residential home or multi-unit building.

No matter what the desired look is — from rustic, to classic or contemporary — you’ll find something that is beautiful at a price you'll love. We provide window solutions for superior energy efficiency with Energy Star ratings and complete design flexibility. Going to complete the look? Match windows to doors when you shop our interior and exterior doors, made from high quality materials, built for Canadian homes.

Let us quote on your project! At Wood Country Building Services, we're ready to serve you. We can also arrange for a contractor to help you get the job done using our Supply & Install Service.

Interior & exterior doors

Replacing interior, exterior, garage and patio doors is a quick and easy way to update rooms and appearance of a home or building, in addition to curb appeal and enhanced security. Choose doors that are energy efficient and enjoy a more comfortable home in style. Finish the look by adding in new handles and door hardware.

Doors have many responsibilities in a home. They represent a significant portion of wall space inside and regulate how rooms flow. They are also the crown jewel of a good interior design. French doors and sliding doors create elegance and new zones within a house. Panelled doors provide sophistication and complete a room. Interior doors are available in wood or composite, and are available in a myriad of glass panel sizes, shapes, textures and decorative patterns. New handles and door hardware are quick, easy updates that create a fresh, modern look.

When choosing exterior doors, you can shop from a wide selection of steel, wood, metal glass and composites. Whether you are shopping for a front door, patio door or a garage door, you can be assured that you have enhanced home security and upgraded locks. Thinking of redoing your windows as well? We can help you match your windows and skylights to your door selection, and even find mouldings and trim!

Request a quote or come in and see our showrooms. We also arrange for a contractor to help you get the job done using our Supply & Install Service.

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