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Welcome to Wood Country Building Services


Wood Country Building Services stores provide lumber that covers projects from foundation to roof, inside and out. Exterior wood siding, door trim, window trim, porches, decks and docks can be built with our quality lumber supplies. We also have interior trim, doors and hardwood floors to keep the lumber look consistent throughout your home.

We aim to provide quality lumber with prompt delivery at a great value. No project is too large or small for our lumber teams. We have the experience to help you build from your ideas and drawings.

Visit our stores, get your lumber delivered or request a quote to get started.

Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional Lumber

We carry various grades of dimensional, pressure treated and untreated lumber (ranging in size from 2x4 to 2x12), posts (4x4 and 6x6) and species (cedar, pine and spruce). We also have strapping in 2x2, 1x4 and 1x6.


Plywood & OSB

Some of our stock and product we can access includes pine, oak and birch cupboard stock (veneer particle core) in various thicknesses, spruce, Good One Side (G1S) fir, marine-grade pressure treated and aspenite (Chip Board).

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure treating helps wood withstand the elements and ward off insects and fungal decay. We carry pressure treated lumber (sizes from 2x4 to 2x12), posts (4x4 and 6x6), decking, lattice, fence boards, stair stringers, spindles, baulsters and mini ties (3x5).
More About Pressure Treated Lumber and Decking

Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood

We supply engineered floor systems and pre-engineered beams for supporting roof and floor loads. We can handle your simple LVL headers to your complex roof and floor systems. We can even help you with designs for floor and roof trusses for residential, commercial and agricultural projects.
More About Our Engineered Wood Products

Sifto Salt

Sifto CrystalPlus

Sifto's 100% natural CrystalPlus is the best way to keep your softener running properly.  

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire & Farm Fencing

Get your fencing secured before winter comes.

Barbed Wire 12-1/2 GA. 80 Rod Double Strand
Barbless Wire 12-1/2 GA. 80 Rod Double Strand
High Tensile Wire Galvanized 12-1/2 GA.3750 ft
#10 Wire Galvanized 16 GA. SMT
Bin Wire Galvanized 9 GA. 10 lb Roll
Bin Wire Galvanized 9 GA. 50 lb Roll
Bin Wire Galvanized 9 GA 100 lb Roll
Bin Wire Black Annealed  9 GA 50 lb Roll
Bin Wire Black Annealed 9 GA 100 lb
Farm Field Fence 832-6-14.5 GA 330 ft
Farm Field Fence 939-5-14.5 GA 330 ft
Farm Field Fence 939-6-12.5 GA 330 ft
Farm Field Fence 1047-6-12.5 GA 330 ft
Farm Field Fence 1047-6-14.5 GA 330 ft
Rabbit Guard Fence Galvanized 28x50 
Sheep & Goat Fence 1348-4-12.4 GA. 330 ft
Bison Fence 10-60-12 GA. 660 ft
Deer & Elk Fence 20-96-6 GA. 330 ft
Deer Netting Fence Econo Grade 7x100 ft
Deer Netting Fence Professional Grade Black 7.5x100 ft
Keystone Horse Fence 2x4x48x100 ft 12.5 GA.
Keystone Horse Fence 2x4x60x100 ft 12.5 GA.
Keystone Horse Fence 2x2x48x100 ft 16 GA.
Rangemaster Chainlink Fence 48x50 12.5 GA.
Deacero Chainlink Fence 72x50 12.5 GA.

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